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It’s all about your goals – not ours. Lets face it, clients want to stay out of legal trouble but if a legal dispute arises, they want an experienced team of litigators who are attentive listeners, good communicators, and great advocates for their interests in court. We are proud to note that our firm is rated “AV” by Martindale-Hubbell – its highest possible national rating. Each day, our attorneys and staff do whatever it takes to provide the type of high-quality service that rating indicates to our clients. GrahamHollis (including its predecessor firms) has been in operation since 1995 and owns its own brick and mortar office building in San Diego with offices in Orange, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco.

Discrimination/ harassment

Employees always have a right to be free from discrimination and harassment in the workplace. California holds more protection than federal law when it comes to workplace harassment, especially sexual harassment. Unlike federal law, co-workers who are not supervisors can be sued and held personally responsible for unlawful workplace harassment.

Wrongful Termination

Not every termination is legal. Although California is an at-will state, employees still have protections against wrongful termination. Most wrongful terminations stem from retaliation, or when an employer takes an adverse employment action against an employee for speaking out or helping in an investigatory matter. If your company is being sued, you have every right to help in the investigation without being fired or demoted.

Unpaid Wages

It happens every day and in every line of work. Violations of California’s complex and ever-changing wage and hour laws are a regular occurrence. Employers either underpay their employees intentionally, or by not diligently researching the California Labor Code. An underpayment of wages consists of unpaid time, unpaid commission, lack of meal period premiums, and/or lack of paid rest periods.

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We’re trial lawyers. Our passion is championing the rights of individuals and small businesses. Yes, we know how to draft contracts and push papers across our desks. But we prefer to leave most of that to the transactional lawyers. We choose life in the courtroom representing aggrieved plaintiffs and defending the little guy from meritless claims. We delight in taking on the big corporate interests. David and Goliath. And you know how that story ends.
  • Employment Law

    Workplace friction. It’s as old as the labor market. The relationship between employees and their employers is currently one of the most litigated specialty areas of the law. The rules regarding wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation, work place accommodation, and discrimination involving age, race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation are rapidly changing at both the state and federal level. The experienced attorneys at GrahamHollis stay on top of the new employment law rulings and regulations in order to best represent employees as well as small businesses. We know not every firing is illegal. And we understand every negative job performance evaluation is not wrong. The attorneys at GrahamHollis are trained to distinguish the merely annoying from the legally actionable. Need an attorney well versed in employment law? Contact GrahamHollis regarding your employment law claim.

  • Wage and Hour Law

    It happens every day and in every line of work. Violations of California’s complex and ever-changing wage and hour laws are a regular occurrence. Most employees are uninformed of their legal rights under the Labor Code. Most employers, even the well-intended, are ignorant of their legal responsibilities. The experienced attorneys at GrahamHollis regularly litigate the claims of individual employees as well as class actions involving the rights of hundreds, and at times thousands, of mistreated workers. Failure to pay minimum wages and overtime, misclassification of non-exempt employees, failure to provide timely uninterrupted meal breaks, and illegal workplace rules involving uniforms and vacation pay are but a few of the many wrongs we have righted. We also advise conscientious businesses in this rapidly changing area. Seemingly simple mistakes can lead to major problems which can result in penalties, litigation, and hefty fines. By periodic review of employee handbooks, and pro-active counseling of key management, expensive and embarrassing missteps can be avoided.


Our lawyers are knowledgeable litigators and dedicated advocates. Our expertise in employment law and wage hour class actions allow us to provide experienced legal service tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Whether the battle is in state or federal court, private arbitration or mediation, we’ll do what it takes to get the job done.

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